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Business Development Strategy

Throughout history, military and political leaders have used a strategy of divide and conquer to attack more efficiently, overtake nations and win political office–breaking the path to their objective into smaller chunks and knocking down their opponents one by one.

Business leaders have also used the divide and conquer strategy–dividing large projects into manageable tasks to move a project forward with pace and purpose.

Families have even used divide and conquer when trying to get household chores done in a timely manner.

No matter what the objective, breaking things down into smaller chunks and attacking them individually will increase the chance of success and up the odds that it will come sooner.

This same concept can be applied to business development.

A business development professional’s job is to identify new opportunities, new markets and new ways to reach existing markets – to turn a broad undefined universe of prospects into a solid batch of qualified opportunities and ultimately close sales.

There is no better way to accomplish that task than to divide and conquer. Instead of attacking the entire universe at once (working from the phone book so to speak) break it down into workable chunks. “Put up fences” and focus your efforts within the defined space. In doing so, you will quickly begin to understand what it will take to be successful in that area and can apply your efforts more efficiently. This focus will allow you to drill down on the nuances of the market – from the need for your solution, to the competition, to the profile of your typical buyer to the standard buying cycle. That knowledge, in turn, will provide a basis for prioritizing objectives and identifying where time is best spent.

Good sales organizations have this down to a science.  Management is ahead of the game, providing their business development reps with the tools, discipline and structure they need to be successful and really operate as the CEO of their own, well-defined, territory. Others fail to focus and then wonder why they are not getting enough qualified prospects into the sales pipeline to generate consistent revenue.

If your business development efforts are failing to generate consistent and predictable revenue for your organization, chances are you could benefit from a virtual sales team,  built to scale quickly, that knows how to divide, conquer and deliver results.

NuGrowth Solutions is that team. As true business development professionals, we give you more than an appointment, we build assets and develop a relationship. Find out the difference. Give us a call at 800-966-3051 or fill out a short contact form to have a sales representative give you a call.