Just as the web has created a more educated buyer, marketing automation tools have resulted in a more informed seller. They make it possible to build, launch and measure targeted outbound email campaigns, automate lead nurture programs, implement lead scoring, and get actionable insight based on your prospects’ online activity. 

The tool itself is just the beginning. An Act-On agency partner, NuGrowth Digital can help you realize the full potential of marketing automation through website, social media, and CRM integration.

Using our proven process we will help you realize the full potential of your digital marketing. Here is just some of what you can expect:

  • Strategic, targeted e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Segmented messaging based on attributes defined within your CRM
  • Automated behavior-based lead nurturing programs
  • Real time insight into your prospect’s interests
  • Scored leads based prospect behavior
  • Detailed data that helps you prioritize outbound call efforts

Let’s get started.