Managing lists takes expertise and time. There are three core components of list management: identifying the right profiles, sourcing the right data, and keeping records up to date. Once you import your list into your CRM, the list needs to be updated regularly—by both sales and marketing. Your sales team needs to update the list after every conversation they hold with prospects. The marketing team should update the list after any outbound email send or other event that triggers a lead score or unsubscribe request.  

NuGrowth Digital will set up, manage and oversee your database to ensure that the right messaging is sent to the right audience at the right time.  

Best Practices for List Management

  • Define and populate the fields that are critical to identify and segment by prospect profile. 
  • Define and populate the fields that make it possible to segment by lead stage. 
  • Define and populate fields that that can be used to qualify a potential sale.
  • Make sure everyone involved in the process is committed to keeping those fields maintained and up-to-date.   
  • If a field does not have a clear purpose, remove it. 
  • Disqualify disinterested individuals, bounces, and leads with inaccurate information to keep lists clean and deliverability high.

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