Lead scoring – particularly when tied to marketing automation and recorded in the CRM – has greatly enhanced how marketing can serve leads to sales. It results in better leads, better calls, and more closes – but only if skillfully implemented. 

Because our roots are as a sales organization, the team at NuGrowth Digital understands this better than most. Sales organizations that work with NuGrowth Digital spend more time talking to warm prospects and less time dialing out of the phone book. 

Read our Act-On Guest blog post: 6 Lead Scoring Lessons for Better Lead Conversion  or watch our webinar Lead Scoring, The Science of Lead Conversion for more information.

Best Practices for More Effective Lead Scoring

  • Get buy-in from leadership before beginning a lead scoring initiative.
  • Make sure sales and marketing are connected and in constant communication.
  • Ensure leads are followed up on promptly.
  • Keep your CRM system clean.
  • Score the whole sale cycle.

View our infographic on how lead scoring can increase sales.

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