There are rare occasions when a single touch will result in a sale. You find the right person at the right time and things just click. In most cases, however, leads will need to be “nurtured” until they are ready to buy. You want to continue to build your relationship with qualified prospects so that when they are in a sales cycle, your company and your product will be top of mind. For this reason, discipline and consistency are essential elements of success.  

Companies that work with NuGrowth Digital get the consistency they need, without the time commitment of doing it internally. NuGrowth Digital handles all aspects of your digital lead nurture campaign – from CRM implementation and management, to marketing automation integration, to content, strategy and execution. 

Best Practices for More Effective Lead Nurturing

  • Set a schedule and stick to it. 
  • Align your content to each stage of the buying cycle. 
  • Educate; don’t sell.
  • Keep constant two-way communication between your front line sales reps and your marketing team to make sure marketing messaging is tightly aligned with buyer needs. 
  • Set up your CRM with lead nurturing in mind. Set fields for lead stage, size, geography – whatever you feel is most important when targeting. 
  • Make sure your sales team logs all activity within the CRM system, so that it can be used to effectively segment lists. 
  • Use a good marketing automation platform that will sync with your CRM in real-time.
  • Make follow up a priority.

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