Sales and marketing work best when they act as a unified team and good CRM management is essential for streamlining the two disciplines. As a digital marketing agency with close ties to sales, no one understands this better than NuGrowth Digital. We will manage your entire CRM process, from implementation, to marketing automation integration, to ongoing cleansing and upkeep – all with the sole focus of increasing the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts.

Whether your sales team is starting fresh or you are refocusing your sales team around a new marketing effort, being able to hit the ground running is key to increasing your sales numbers. NuGrowth Digital has a system to quickly and thoroughly implement and integrate your CRM and your marketing automation tool to allow your sales team to get on the phone faster. A well maintained CRM should be the foundation of your sales and marketing efforts. NuGrowth Digital will lay a strong foundation for you to help you increase your sales.

Being able to gather data is useful, but organizing that data to make it easy to understand is powerful. You should be tracking data from your email campaigns, your website, and your CRM. NuGrowth Digital will gather data from those three centerpieces of your sales and marketing efforts and bring together data in ways that will help you gain insight into how you can make more sales. Empower your sales team with analytics that allow you to see how prospects are interacting with your website and marketing material right now – while also giving you the ability to simply view all of their interactions on an easy to view timeline.

Every profession has tools of the trade. For a modern sales team, those tools need to include your CRM, marketing automation platform, and website. When these three work together, your sales team will get warmer leads to call more often – making their time on the phone more valuable. Integrating these tools, though, takes experience. NuGrowth has built sale infrastructures for small and large companies in a diverse group of industries. Our ability to tie these important tools together will give your empower your sales team to make more sales.

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