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Don’t resort to guesswork—make every call count. Strategic marketing and sales decisions require the insight and visibility available through sales and marketing infrastructure. Read on and discover how our toolbox of infrastructure services can equip your team to sell.










Seamlessly connect sales and marketing activities. NuGrowth manages the entire CRM process, from implementation, to marketing automation integration, to ongoing cleansing and upkeep – all with the sole focus of increasing the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Implementation. A well-maintained CRM should be the foundation of your sales and marketing efforts. If your sales team is just starting out, or if you are refocusing around a new marketing effort, proper CRM setup will multiply the effectiveness of your marketing and allow your sales team to manage their efforts more effectively.
  • Integration and Analytics. Gathering data is useful, but organizing that data to make it easy to understand is powerful. NuGrowth tracks data from email campaigns, website traffic, and sales interactions, bringing together data to produce actionable insight.
  • Sales Process Optimization. Equip your sales team with the best tools available. With analytics that deliver up-to-the-minute visibility into how prospects interact with your website and marketing material, NuGrowth CRM Management ensures that your team can make every call count.


Build, launch and measure targeted outbound email campaigns, automate lead nurture programs, implement lead scoring, and view your prospects’ online activity. As an Act-On Agency Partner, NuGrowth leverages the award-winning marketing automation platform to realize the full potential of your digital marketing program.


Identify the right profiles, strategically acquire new contacts, and keep your records clean and up to date. NuGrowth has the expertise and diligence to oversee your database to ensure that the right messaging is sent to the right audience at the right time.

NuGrowth’s List Management Best Practices

  • Segment by prospect profile and lead stage.
  • Define and populate fields that can be used to qualify a potential sale.
  • Manage the process to keep all fields maintained and up-to-date.
  • If a field does not have a clear purpose, remove it.
  • Disqualify disinterested individuals, bounces, and leads with inaccurate information to keep lists clean and deliverability high.

How can lead scoring equip your team to sell?

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