Determine Your Re-Opening Business Development Plan with these Five Questions

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Sales Strategy

Businesses across the country are embarking on the re-opening process after the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic shut-down. Whether that means welcoming in customers or bringing employees back to the office, each organization has its unique challenges to consider. Yet, all will contend with two major areas: health and safety, and the economics of business development planning. While there are guidelines from local governments and the CDC on addressing health and safety issues, many owners, managers, and executives are grappling with how to address business development planning in this uncertain time.

As you and your team wade through the planning process, consider the following questions.

1. What is our goal?

First things first: what is your goal in the current climate? You may have established a development goal for this month, quarter, or year back in January, but the global economy has changed drastically since then. Look at where you were at the start of the year and where you planned to be. Then, see where you are now and come up with checkpoints to help you move closer to your original goal.

Though at a larger scale, this re-assessment is no different than what you should do every quarter. Once you have your new goal in mind, you can get to work on how to make it happen.

2. What do we need to change?

As your goal changes, so will your methods for achieving it. Significant elements to consider here are employees, product and service offerings, and customer base. Each of these areas may need an update as the country moves to a new stage in how businesses operate and what consumers want.

Who should you bring back to the office first? Does your current responsibility and reporting structure make sense? Where can you leverage employees to be part of the re-opening processes and get creative on ways to meet your development goals?

For your products and services and customer base, consider whether both have experienced changes due to the pandemic. Many businesses, like event planning and travel, found they need to come up with new services as social distancing measures stay in place. That may also mean tapping into a new customer base or adapting your marketing plan to share a different message.

3. How will we get customers back?

If you saw a dip in customers over the pandemic lockdown, you are far from alone. Now your goal is to find ways to bring those customers back. Discounts, special promotions, and trial offerings are a good way to bring people to your door. Customers also need reassurance that their experience with you will be safe. Add information about what you’re doing to protect them, and your employees, in all your marketing materials and on your website.

4. How has our supply chain been affected?

Every business has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including those in your supply chain. Determine what affects their production issues or changes will have on your business. Do you need to rethink your specific suppliers, or is the issue industry-wide? Should you think about using different products from industries with less disruption? Answers to these questions will inform how you will tackle your development goals.

5. Do we need help?

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what your business needs to consider. Are you equipped to tackle these unexpected challenges? The experts at NuGrowth Solutions are poised to help you ready your business during these uncertain times. Our team works with you to identify how your clients and the market has been affected and how you can pivot to serve new sectors and discover new customer bases.

And, NuGrowth can tackle only your highest-need areas, allowing you to address challenges internally where you can and outsource to us when you need extra help. With offerings like our CRM management services, development team training, targeted Tactic Group outreach campaigns, and proven pipeline management techniques, we are here to guide you through whichever unexpected issues your individual business faces.

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