Content Marketing Facts, Stats & Insights (Infographic)

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Marketing Strategy

In some way, shape, or form, content marketing has been around for centuries. In the 1700’s Ben Franklin employed the technique when he penned “Poor Richard’s Almanack.” In the early 1900’s Companies such as John Deere and Jello were using informational magazines and cookbooks to engage and attract consumers. Fast-forward to 2015. Magazines and cookbooks are still popular (think of Rainbow Babies and Children, Betty Crocker, and Campbell’s) but the real meat of content marketing lies in the digital realm.

Why? Because research has shown that most prospective buyers have already completed 90% of the sales cycle before ever talking to a sales executive – and that 67% of that buyer’s journey is done digitally.

There is simply no other medium that makes it so simple to get a gauge on who is engaging with your content and effectively translate that information to your outbound sales effort.

Effective as it is, however, content marketing is not a simple solution, and pulling a multi-faceted digital campaign together that takes strategy, planning, time, effort, coordination and persistence.

NuGrowth’s latest infographic, “Content Marketing Roadmap to Success” takes a creative look at some of the elements it takes to pull an effective campaign together.

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