Content and the Sales Journey: The Essential Outsourced Sales Campaign Pieces

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Lead Management, Sales Strategy

Cadence and content are vital elements for an effective sales campaign. These two elements are also challenging for many internal teams to perfect, which is why savvy managers turn to an outsourced sales campaign to help.

When we work with businesses to improve their sales campaign, it’s imperative to match content with our proven outreach cadence. The right content can move a prospect to the next stage in the sales journey and provide an anchor to sales team members as they make contact. Examples of matching content to the sales journey include:

Interest: Draw Them In

Content in the interest stage should demand prospects’ attention. It’s the window display that makes them pause to take a longer look. Interest stage content should be easy to locate, direct about the problem you solve, and contain easy-to-digest information on capabilities or services.

  • Blog posts
  • Company Overview
  • Infographics
  • Fast Fact sheets


Engagement: Keep Them Talking

At the engagement stage, you want to get prospects to take a closer look. During engagement, leads are diving into specifics on your business and how you can solve their problems. You want to educate your audience on the finer points of what you can provide and how you stand out from the competition.

  • eBooks
  • Customer comments
  • Whitepapers
  • eNewsletters

Consideration: Connect with Them

Once a prospect has moved to consideration, they’re heavily invested. At this stage, you need to connect on a personal level and provide outside evaluation to help tip the scales. Content at the consideration stage should dive deep, address needs unique to that prospect, and give social proof on why you’re the best option.

  • How-to videos
  • Client stories and testimonials
  • References
  • Webinar or SlideShare presentation

Purchase: Help them Buy

At the purchase stage, the focus is to make it a “no-brainer.” It should be as easy as possible for the prospect to buy, and all content should be highly personalized and targeted at their specific needs.

  • Proposal
  • Price page
  • Demo video
  • Onboarding guide

Perfect Your Content Matching with NuGrowth Solutions

As the #1 SaaS provider, we at NuGrowth have 70 years’ experience in which content works best for each outreach stage and audience segment. We take a personalized approach to learn about you and your business and adapt our content templates to fit your outreach needs.

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