How to Come up with Fresh Ideas for Your Content Marketing

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO, Writing Marketing Content | 0 comments

As we’ve already discussed, content marketing can be a powerful tool for your business. It can help your website climb higher in search results and is a valuable resource for email campaigns. Eventually, though, you will run out of good ideas for new content. At that point, the value of your content marketing will rely on your ability to come up with ideas for interesting and engaging content.

If you are running out of content ideas or just don’t know where to start with your content marketing, remember its two biggest benefits:

  1. Building relationships with customers and potential customers
  2. Increasing your search engine optimization

As you plan and create your content, start with these goals and break them down to identify new content to make.

Building Relationships with Customers and Potential Customers

Think about your audience at all times, but especially when deciding what new content to create. You can even make up imaginary customers that represent parts of your audience. What do these people want to learn from you? What kind of content do they want to see?

If you consistently create content that fulfills your customers’ needs, they will begin visiting your site on a regular basis allowing you to build and nurture that relationship.

Increasing Your Site’s Search Engine Optimization

Identify which search terms you want to lead potential customers to your site. You can use this tool to view the traffic associated with different Google search terms. When identifying a search term to target, find one that balances value to your business with limited competition for the term. Once you identify some terms, include them in your content you produce.

If you identify your customers’ needs and research search terms relevant to your company, you’re likely to find a lot of overlap. Once you identify that overlap, you will have ideas for new content.

Making the Content

Coming up with the right content to make can be difficult. If you are having a hard time, take the advice of a leading advertising executive, James Webb Young: “Mull it over and over and over… and then wait.”

After you identify the content you want to create, figure out if your organization can answer those needs. If you can’t create the content off the top of your head, ask around the office. You may be able to interview someone else in your office that has the knowledge required to produce the content.

After you have the knowledge needed, decide what medium you want to use to convey the knowledge. Blogs and videos are two powerful media that you will find helpful.