Buy vs. Build: Which New Business Development Strategy Should You Choose?

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Sales as a Service, Sales Enablement

Whether you’ve been in business for a year or a decade, you know industry is fluid. Markets change, tech advances, and customer preferences morph. What worked for years may one day fall short – and you may find you need a new business development strategy.

To stay nimble, think ahead on how you can equip your business to adapt to these changes. When evaluating your need for transformation, you can go in one of two directions: build internally or look outward and partner with a firm that can bring in fresh ideas to energize your business.

Whether you decide to build internally or buy an outsourced solution, there are a few areas to consider before making your choice.

Questions to Consider: Build or Buy?

  1. What are our core pipeline issues, and why haven’t we been able to move them?
  2. Do we have the time to build on our own?
  3. How do our funds look? How much can we put towards buying or building?
  4. Do we have the resources to devote to internally addressing our shortfalls?
  5. Is our team balanced with strong sales leadership and specialized sales team members (i.e., sales training, CRM implementation, marketing strategy)?
  6. Do we need a new perspective?

What to Look for If You Buy

If your answers point to needing a more immediate, fixed-cost solution to add specialization and a new perspective, you’re a better candidate to go outsourced. But not all outsourced services are the same. As you assess your options, look for a provider with:

  • Experience and results: Find a provider who put in their time in the industry, gathering knowledge and understanding how the market works. You also want proof of their progress: ask to see results from real campaigns before you commit.
  • Solid culture and training: You want to work with a team that’s intentional about how they hire and train reps for the field. This includes providing coaching and mentorship throughout.
  • Quality tools and support: Working in development, you know technology advances almost daily. You want a provider that’s up-to-date on critical tech like CRMs and understands how to best utilize technology in your business.
  • True partnership and collaboration: If an outsourced provider simply plugs in sales reps to drum up business, they’re not doing their job. Look for a provider who is a true partner, getting to know you, your business, and assessing your needs before coming up with solutions. You want someone who will work with you to help your business achieve more than just net new prospects but sustainable growth.

Get the Partnership You Need with NuGrowth Solutions

As a leader in outsourced sales as a service, the team at NuGrowth has continued to lead the way in effective technology, sales team training, and overall business development strategy for years. Our custom sales models meet the unique needs of each business we serve, acting as a true partner in their vision for sustainable growth.

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