Business in the Time of Coronavirus Sales Outsourcing to Curb Suffering Pipelines

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Sales Strategy

It’s official – the coronavirus, also known at COVID-19, has made its impact on the U.S., including disrupting the way many of us do business. Schools are closed, events canceled, and the government is asking everyone who can to work from home.

Suffice to say the pandemic is affecting the global market. Many businesses that put aside time, funds, and energy for networking at tradeshows and conferences are seeing their sales pipeline suffer due to a hold on in-person meetings. And that means a significant shift in the way organizations can generate and nurture leads, let alone maintain business.

How COVID-19 is Affecting Business

It’s not business as usual in the wake of a pandemic. National and global markets are straining, and businesses are seeing current and future losses due to the calls for quarantines and self-isolation. Some of the recent stats include:

Sales Outsourcing as Your WFH Pipeline Solution

Amidst these losses, there is still a call for businesses to take action to keep employees and customers safe while moving forward. Created to be an easy to transplant, pop-up anywhere solution, outsourced sales can bring that safety and progress. Outsourced experts can make calls, track and analyze data, and come up with creative sales solutions from any home office, helping organizations practice social distancing while closing deals.

Besides the benefit of providing safe practices during these challenging times, outsourcing sales can also lead to:

  • Up to a 90% reduction in overall sales costs relative to field sales
  • Up to 70% more conversations than outside sales reps

It’s time to take those in-person meeting budgets and put them to use in an outsourced sales solution, recouping lost revenue and building an infrastructure for the future.

NuGrowth’s Unique Outsourced Sales Approach: Tactic Groups

We at NuGrowth have specific sales strategy solutions to fit in any work-from-home or virtual office setting. Our outsourced service team employs 90-day Tactic Group campaigns for systematic lead nurturing and generation, filling up calendars with sales appointments.

Each Tactic Group campaign includes 2500+ emails, 1,000+ phone calls, and detailed reporting and market feedback. It’s the new way to do lead generation. Each campaign is targeted to gain and nurture prospects with a proven email and outreach cadence that blows away average sales and marketing budget efforts.

Put your team in front of buyers uniquely qualified for your services. Contact us at 800.966.3051 to learn more about our 14+ Tactic Group campaigns and how they can revolutionize your sales pipeline.