Business Development: Why Specialization Leads to Success

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Sales Coaching, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

Many successful actors hit it big when they landed the right role. This is the role they are known for, like Jennifer Aniston as “Rachel” on Friends or George Clooney as “Dr. Ross” on E.R. It was their dedication to these characters that helped make them, and their show, a lasting hit.

The same is true for business development. Finding the right roles for each member of your sales team can make a big difference in your staying power. Specialization means putting the right people in the right spot based on their skills and experience. It’s also a good way to divide and conquer. Rather than five sales reps working on everything from identifying prospects to closing and providing client service, specialization calls for splitting up the sales pipeline and giving a piece to each.

Think about trying to fit all of your luggage in a car before vacation. You can either throw it all in and hope it fits, or take some time to organize and find the best spot for each piece. The latter approach ensures you will hit your goal.

Specialization speeds up workflow.

The level of focus each individual can give to his or her specific task results in a faster, more effective workflow. Specialization allows an employee to use their background and experience to streamline processes and increase sales.

Specialization leads to quality work.

Skills + focus = higher quality. By specializing in one area, an employee can hone their skill, continually improving the quality of their performance.

Specialization ensures a full sales pipeline.

Specialization ensures each piece of the sales puzzle is done. It’s a challenge for reps to prospect new business while working on open opportunities. This leaves them closing deals and turning around to an empty pipeline. True specialization means someone is focusing on each piece of the pipeline, leading to consistent success.

Specialization makes for a better work environment.

With each employee committed to doing a limited amount of things well, a real load is taken off and stress is reduced. This creates a better work environment – people like working on what they can do well, and are able to see clear (and better!) results from their targeted work.

When it comes to specializing your sales force, you need to consider whether to do the work in-house or to outsource your needs. It all comes down to how much time you have to spend on identifying your sales needs and matching them with new or existing staff. Outsourced (sales as a service) providers like NuGrowth have experience identifying and filling sales needs, and can integrate with your current business development team. Essentially, an outsourced provider can provide specialization by filling the gaps in your sales pipeline (i.e. gaining new leads), freeing up your current team to concentrate on other elements like closing and nurturing current client relationships.

To find out more about how NuGrowth can help you bring focused, streamlined sales practices to your business, contact us today at 800-966-3051.

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Author: Sarah Deak

Sarah is a copywriter for NuGrowth Digital clients. She likes to look for the unexpected angle, and uses her background in nonprofit development and marketing to create interesting and informative pieces that drive prospect engagement.