Bringing Leads Home: Why Content and Cadence are Key to Business Development Strategy

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Lead Management, Sales Strategy

As the world course corrects to recover from the restrictions and economic strain the coronavirus pandemic has caused, we offer insight into how your business can employ safe and effective tactics to continue to grow your pipeline.

Business development strategy relies on gaining leads and moving them down the pipeline. However, many development managers find their team stuck with a pile of leads that aren’t going anywhere: almost 80% of new leads never convert to sales due to a lack of proper nurturing.

How can businesses tackle this persistent lead nurturing and account closure issue? The answer is two-fold: content and cadence.

Attacking Your Pipeline with Content

Compelling content is essential for moving leads from one stage to the next in the buyer’s journey and down your development pipeline. Content can bring in leads with relevant stats on the issues prospects face, and your track record on meeting their needs. Other pieces can move prospects along with custom content addressing their unique problems and your personalized solutions.

Great content gives prospects something to hold on to and refer back to, especially when they’re attempting to get others on board. Each piece establishes legitimacy for your business. High-quality content that both communicates and compels is the match to ignite the lead conversion fire.

Examples of compelling content and its purpose include:

  • Infographics and fact sheets to draw in new leads
  • eBooks and whitepapers to increase engagement and keep prospects talking
  • Client stories and testimonials to connect
  • Demo videos and custom onboarding guides to get leads to commit

Cadence to Bring it Home

Great content is only as good as the tool used to deliver it. Your development outreach cadence is that tool. A consistent, non-intrusive cadence is critical to keeping your message relevant and top of mind. Your cadence is the nudge that moves prospects down the pipeline as they get a steady drip of compelling content.

Tips for a successful development outreach cadence include:

  • Have a set cadence of when to contact, so you stay top of mind but don’t annoy a prospect, practicing professional persistence
  • Make each contact personalized: use a script with built-in sections to customize for the person you’re talking to
  • Use phone, email, and direct messaging on social media to find out what works best for your contact and use that method
  • Keep track of your attempts and leverage data to see what’s working best with different segments

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