7 Reasons Why your Marketing Automation Tool is not Producing the Results you Want

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“The best thing about marketing automation from a sales perspective is that it leads to increased conversation rates for the sales team,” says Jeff Tillar, NuGrowth’s Director of Business Development. In fact, NuGrowth has proven repeatedly through our sales and marketing efforts that you are at least 30% more likely to have a conversation with someone that has engaged with content or your website as tracked through the marketing automation system.

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Sales Coaching Tips We Learned from the Greats

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Leading a sales team is a lot like coaching a sports team. Take a talented group of individuals, hone their skills, and lead them to a winning season or quarter. They both require discipline, commitment, and goal setting.

For sales, coaching is often the difference between meeting a goal and missing one. Don’t believe it? According to Salesforce, there’s a 17% performance difference in sales teams who used coaching than teams that didn’t have coaching.

So how can we become all-star coaches? Let’s turn to some of the greatest coaches in sporting history and apply their advice to the sales environment. Read More

Great Content Speeds the Sales Cycle

How Great Content Speeds the Sales Cycle

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Great content helps your buyer to a make a well-informed decision about your product in less time and with more confidence. Content that applies to your potential buyer clarifies options and liberates them to move forward in the buying process with ease. As they move seamlessly from one step to the next, the sales cycle naturally becomes faster.

Kyle Tillar, our Vice President of Sales as a Service speaks to the power of great messaging as it relates to sales, “When content is matched to our buyer, we see a tremendous uptick in our ability to engage in conversation and support them with the information they need.”. Read More

Sales Process is Broken SAAS2

The Top 3 Signs Your Sales Process is Broken

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We often know when we are getting sick. It can start with early symptoms, like a headache or fatigue, and if we don’t take the time to rest, we’ll certainly catch a cold.

But when it comes to your sales process –are you aware of when it’s on the verge of a break down? Do you know what to look for?  Successful sales teams must be able to recognize the symptoms of an unstable situation.

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Connect Through Discovery

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The best sales teams have learned that to make it in this buying environment, discovery is critical. Often, companies have a sales pitch or product demo lined up for the first meeting with their potential buyer. This is a massive (and common) mistake.

The first thing your buyer needs to know about your company is that you can be trusted. Beyond that, once you have established a relationship with the buyer you have the chance to guide him through the sales cycle.

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8 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Boost Customer Retention

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How to execute content marketingThe statistics showing the importance of content marketing in customer retention are staggering. According to the Harvard Business Review, retaining just 5% more customers can boost profits by 100%. Harvard Business Review also found that the single biggest driver for customers to purchase, repurchase, and recommend a product to others was “decision simplicity”— the ease with which consumers can gather trustworthy information about a product. These statistics show that when customers can gather trustworthy information about a product or service, they commit to it.

Customers are often more engaged in information when they see how it is beneficial to them. That is why it is so important to adhere to the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) rule. Content marketing is non-promotional information created to serve your customer. Statistics show that sending helpful, educational articles, blogs and other information that customers can really benefit from (a.k.a. Content marketing)  plays a substantial role in customer retention. This, in turn, plays a sizable role in an increased bottom line. NuGrowth’s infographic, Customer Retention: The Lesser Known Benefit of Content Marketing, explains this concept.

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Work Smarter: 10 Territory Management Tips

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thumbnail_Work_Smarter_1555x655A high quality plan will:

  • Help your sales team have effective call lists
  • Increase KPI’s
  • Bring more purpose to outreach
  • Increase speed and progression through data

While it is easy to realize that you need a good territory management plan, it can be difficult to craft a plan that you are confident will achieve desired sales results. A great vacation itinerary is the same way. You do not want to waste your time or miss out on great opportunities.

NuGrowth’s latest infographic, Work Smarter: 10 Territory Management Tips for Increased Sales Productivity, is your guide to creating a plan that will achieve your sales goals. It draws on vast training and expertise to turn our insights about territory management into 10 clear helpful steps.

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