Be Ready for the Retail Busy Season with Sales as a Service

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

If you work with the retail industry, the busy season preparation starts now. And, despite the disruptions of the on-going global pandemic, consumer insight surveys found COVID-19 “hasn’t impacted consumers’ holiday spending plans.” Though shoppers don’t plan to change their spending, they do plan to change their habits. The same survey found more people plan to shop online, with almost 70% planning to start before Black Friday.


Is your business ready to handle these changes in the retail market?


Leveraging Sales as a Service to Adapt

Every year poses a challenge for companies looking to attract new brands or increase sales shares, but 2020 poses a whole new obstacle. You can help your business prepare for the coming busy season with sales as a service offerings like:

  1. Custom CRM implementation and support

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the key to gaining the data you need to tap into new markets or grow your current clients. Yet, each industry and business demand different CRM data fields, workflows, and reporting. A sales as a service provider offers custom CRM development, implementation, and support to help your team identify and invest in brands and create meaningful, nurturing relationships throughout the sales cycle.

  1. Market research

Identifying market opportunities and trends is critical for expanding business. Sales as a service teams can conduct market research to understand changing client needs and position your services to meet them. They also offer proper messaging, outreach, cadence, and other go-to-market strategies based on findings.

  1. Build relationships

To win clients, you need to establish relationships. Established sales as a service teams build on their already robust connections to help you create relationships that lead to long-lasting clients. These teams identify high-value decision-makers and leverage targeted messaging to go beyond appointment setting to deal closing.

  1. Optimize operations

The best part about sales as a service teams are their versatility. Whether you need enhanced tech, go-to-market strategies and content, or dedicated reps to attack your pipeline, sales as a service providers are designed to offer only the services you need to optimize operations. Bring in the necessary support and open space to capitalize on high-need areas in your business.

Gain the Retail Services Expertise You Need with NuGrowth

If your sales team could benefit from a dedicated team devoted to develop relationships, set meetings, and bring new opportunities to the table, NuGrowth Solutions is the right fit.


With our specialized expertise, proven territory management, and personalized tech stack and content development, NuGrowth Solutions provides everything retail-focused businesses need for a faster speed to market, high-impact results, and better reporting and forecasting—all delivered within 6-8 weeks.


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