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4 reasons database health is more important than you think

Four Reasons Why Database Health is More Important than You Think

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To correctly complete any job, you need the best resources from the start. In sales and marketing, one of those resources is your database. This hub of contacts is vital for lead prioritization, outbound calling, targeted marketing, reporting and analytics, and more.

In short, a “good” database is foundational for success. But “good” means more than just having a large list of names, addresses, and phone numbers. After all, a phone book has that, right?

So, what constitutes the definition of “good” as it relates to a database?

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Six Tips for More Effective Lead Management

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In sales, a lead is defined as a “potential sales contact.” But what constitutes “potential?”

Depending who you talk to, “potential contact” can be anything from a purchased name in a database to someone who filled out a web form, replied to an email blast, or dropped their card in the fishbowl at a trade show.

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Content Marketing: An “Investment” in the Future

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An interview with Monster’s Margaret Magnarelli

Margaret Magnarelli is the leading content strategist and editor at Monster and former executive editor at Money Magazine. She has spoken widely about her three pillars of content strategy: “How, Now, and Wow”—most recently at the Content Marketing World event in Cleveland. We had the opportunity to catch Margaret after the conference and talk more about her approach to prioritizing content and marketing activities at Monster. Read More

Creating Content that Clicks: Q&A with Andy Crestodina

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Andy Crestodina is a content marketing speaker and the co-founder of Orbit Media, a web design company in Chicago. We were able to connect with Andy and probe further about his keynote presentation at Content Marketing World, “Content’s Fortune and Glory: How to Make Friends, Rank High and Get Famous Online.” Here’s what he has to say about content, collaboration and increased traffic: Read More

Increase Your Reach and Response with These Email Marketing Tools

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Email marketing tools have evolved since the first official email marketing message was sent back in 1978. Deliberate, strategized email marketing didn’t come into full force till the 1990s. Soon after, regulations monitoring the practice came into play, marking the impact and importance of this digital marketing method.

Since then, email marketing tools and practices continue to improve, adding analytics and adapting to the rise in mobile use among other innovations. Check these types of email marketing tools to see if your team is utilizing the most effective methods in this almost 40-year-old practice.

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