An Inside Look at NuGrowth’s Outsourced Sales Training Program

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Sales Coaching, Sales Strategy

One of the most critical aspects of our success at NuGrowth is our outsourced sales training program. The program’s benefits are two-fold: 1) equipping team members with the skills and confidence they need to be excellent salespeople, and 2) bringing individuals together in a cohesive team with shared vision and goals.

Starting with the Goal in Mind

All our trainings are based upon core NuGrowth Principles. Those principles include:

  • Practice professional persistence
  • Know listening grants speaking
  • Think “value add”
  • Control what you can control
  • Realize effort never goes to waste
  • Be a self-leader

Along with these principles, we mix personal experience with expert resourcing, including several well-respected books to help team members improve their skills and themselves. Books like Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and Larry Wilson’s Changing the Game provide a well-researched backbone to bring our core principles and sales philosophy to life.

Establishing Life-Long Learning

Training starts the day a team member is hired, but it never really ends.

NuGrowth University is our initial sales training program for new hires. This learning path teaches new team members to be self-leaders and introduces a common vocabulary for streamlined communication. Right off the bat, we equip and connect.

We continue to offer Weekly Sales Training for all team members, reminding them there is always room to improve and learn. The NuGrowth leadership team– an always accessible resource for expertise – leads these weekly training sessions in collaboration with outside training firms to keep everyone growing as a sales professional.

In addition, we hold Monthly Innovation Meetings that are led by different sales team members, allowing them to present a topic of interest based on NuGrowth Principles.

Training to Lead, Mentor, and Grow

A critical aspect of our training and life-long learning philosophy is our team mentorship. As part of our NuGrowth Leadership Training, experienced individuals have the chance to grow as a leader and mentor a fellow team member.

We have sales mentors – individuals that have proven themselves in our sales model – to be a peer mentor to their teammates. Sales mentors display self-leadership and are trained to channel their abilities to help their peers. Sales mentors aid in training new hires on everything from how to effectively leverage the CRM, do reports, follow best practices, and even make calls and hold meetings.

Sales managers are more targeted – leading the team by industry. Sales managers are familiar with the buyer personas and target market for their specific industry and work with sales team members specializing in those industries. They support each team member with scripts and messaging, email templates, and in deciding which campaigns to execute.

Beyond these specific roles, our Executive Leadership is prominent and highly engaged with all levels of training. With their combined sales experience in multiple fields, our leadership team provides strategic support and oversight to all aspects of NuGrowth’s training, methodology, and shared philosophy and goals.

Standing Out from the Rest

Businesses work with NuGrowth because we not only provide a sales representative, but we provide sales mentors, managers, and leadership to train and support them in everything they do. We bring a fully-functional sales team from end-to-end with a commitment to ramp up sales with targeted tactics and tools.

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