A Critical Step to Hold Better Sales Calls

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Sales and Marketing Integration, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

salescall_download_btnThe discipline of sales is constantly evolving. New technologies, metrics, and tactics are created every day to help sales teams create an edge in the sales process.

One thing doesn’t change—preparation is essential.

99% of customers want salespeople who contact them to research their business and industry. Clearly, preparing for sales calls is a non-negotiable. So why do only 20% of sales calls involve a completed pre-call plan?

A pre-call plan is the first step to closing the deal. It lays the groundwork for delivering a professional, convincing message, and clarifies the questions that should be asked.

If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd of partially-prepared sales teams, take a look at our new infographic. Inside, you’ll find 7 key elements of an effective pre-call plan.

At NuGrowth Solutions, we leverage pre-call plans extensively in our mission to help organizations grow their sales with pace and purpose. We hire and lead results-oriented business development teams and support them with exceptional lead generation marketing. Partner with us for sales and marketing strategy built to succeed.