6 Questions to Ask About Salesforce Implementation Services

by | Jul 28, 2021 | CRM Management, Salesforce

Those in development know Salesforce is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it offers a host of benefits: improving customer profiles, streamlining prospect communication, holding a wealth of data and reporting abilities, and highly adaptable. However, to access these benefits, you must know how to use this complex system.

That’s where Salesforce implementation services come in. With Salesforce implementation services, you can harness the potential of Salesforce through expert advice and action. Whether you’ve had your Salesforce system for years or you’re looking to implement Salesforce for the first time, it’s worth looking into this professional help.

As you’re looking for the right Salesforce implementation service provider, ask the following questions to get the best in the business: 

What do we need in our Salesforce system?

Notice that the question is about what you need specifically. A quality provider will know what is essential for your business and where you can save on time and money by leaving out complex functions or add-ons. They’ll also know if and when you need to bring those more complex pieces into your system. An experienced Salesforce implementation provider knows it’s best to start with the essentials and build from there.

How would you rate our data quality? How can we improve it?

This question tests the provider’s data cleansing abilities. If you’re not already doing it regularly, every database could use a data cleanse. You want your provider to understand where your database issues lie (duplicates, expired contact information, incorrect data field entries) and have a plan on how they’ll resolve your issues today and set up systems to mitigate them in the future.

Can you pull “X” report? Create “X” dashboard?

The goal here is to understand the provider’s ability to customize Salesforce for your use. As mentioned at the top, Salesforce is an adaptable system. You want a provider who knows how to adapt the system for your benefit, making it easy for your team to access the data they need.

Here’s one of our sales team members. Walk them through how to use Salesforce to contact a prospect and record their progress.

A provider could create the most amazing dashboards, pull perfectly customized reports, and have a flawless sales enablement process set out, but if none of it makes sense to you and your team, it’s useless. Besides knowing how Salesforce operates, your provider must know how to teach others to use it and adapt it for your organization.

How can I use Salesforce to keep my team equipped and effective in their outreach?

There are two key elements your Salesforce provider should be able to talk about here: built-in workflow descriptions and team scorecards. With built-in workflows, you can have your custom outreach cadence embedded in Salesforce so your team can see where a prospect is in the cadence, where they should move next, and the questions to ask an individual contact during each point on the journey.

Team scorecards are precisely what they sound like: a visual marker of how each team member is performing. Use these scorecards to foster healthy competition and keep your team on task.

What integrations should we consider?

The first suggestion should be marketing integration. Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin – you need to have your marketing automation linked with Salesforce for effective outreach. Beyond marketing integration, the provider should have other relevant integrations – like data cleaning apps or location-based integrations – top of mind. The best providers have established relationships with quality Salesforce integration providers and are well equipped to access the add-ons you need.

How are you poised to be a true partner?

With years of experience in sales and in-depth knowledge of industries like economic development, retail, and manufacturing and engineering, the experts at NuGrowth are skilled at making Salesforce work with and for your operations. We have skilled Salesforce admins to cleanse and manage Salesforce, plus best-in-the-business partners to keep us at the top of our game.

Our team configures and customizes your Salesforce CRM to fit your business processes – in as little as six weeks. Make your Salesforce work for you. Get in touch at 800.966.3051 or www.nugrowth.com.