5 Myths & Misconceptions about Sales Force Outsourcing

by | Feb 10, 2016 | CRM Management, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

Outsourcing is widely used and accepted in many industries, yet some are hesitant to hire an outsourced sales company. Many feel outsourcing means “giving away” sales, transferring ownership to the outsource provider. Yet, at the same time, companies admit they don’t have the infrastructure and expertise required to “own” their sales.

Despite the obvious need, misconceptions surrounding outsourcing sales cause businesses to shy away. However, once debunked, it becomes clear outsourced sales can provide just as many, if not more, benefits as other industries. Here we take a look at these benefits by dispelling these myths and misconceptions, uncovering the truth of how outsourced sales can benefit your business.

Myth #1: Outsourced sales is just glorified telemarketing

The truth is that all outsourced sales services are not created equal. Sometimes referred to as “brand butchers,” telemarketing-like sales services share resources, work for multiple organization simultaneously, and have a commission-based model. These firms truly are just glorified telemarketers. While there is some merit to these organizations, they are no comparison to Sales as a Service (SaaS) firms such as NuGrowth. What firms like ours offer is much more than cold calling – it’s identifying new leads, qualifying those leads, building relationships, bringing in appointments, and closing deals. In other words, with “real” outsourced sales, it’s not just smiling and dialing, it’s working as brand stewards, addressing the needs of your whole sales pipeline.

Myth #2: You lose your brand messaging when you outsource

A great outsourced sales team works with you to create and refine your brand messaging, utilizing CRM and marketing automation to test and perfect it. Such integrated sales and marketing allows you to link messaging along the sales pipeline. The consistent training and coaching offered through a good Sales as a Service provider translates to staying on message throughout the whole process.

Myth #3: Outsourcing means your business is failing.

On the contrary, some businesses turn to outsourcing to keep up with rapid growth. Others tap in to the power of a fully built sales and marketing engine to break in to a new market, pursue a new customer group, or launch a new product. In reality, a good outsourced sales partner works with your current team, filling in the gaps in your sales pipeline and building systems and processes for continual success.

Myth #4: It’s cheaper to build an internal sales team than to outsource.

Cost comparison for buy vs. build is quite deceiving. At first, it may seem cheaper to build, hiring a few recent college grads to plug in the gaps in your sales team. However, the price to build slowly begins to rise as training, resources, and technology costs are added. Plus, a built team can take months to get off the ground and even longer to ramp up to making a profit. Time is money here, and hiring an experienced, integrated sales and marketing team means you can hit the ground running.

Myth #5: Outsourcing replaces your current sales team.

When you choose to outsource sales, it is not an “out with the old, in with the new,” it is a means of augmenting and strengthening what you already have in place. An outside sales team brings in effective processes, targeted training and coaching, and integrated sales and marketing systems to work with your team. Many times, your current team is great at bringing in leads or closing deals, but need training and resources to fill in the other end of your sales pipeline. With the right outsourced sales provider, your sales and marketing is amplified and built to scale.

Debunking these myths provides you with a clear view of whether outsourcing is right for your business. The next step is finding the right partner to work with you to build an effective sales and marketing team. If you’re ready to boost your lead generation and access higher quality leads, contact us today at 614-388-5811.