4 Sales Cycle Obstacles and How an Outsourced Sales Partner Can Help

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

With decades of combined sales experience, our team at NuGrowth has seen it all. In those years, we’ve gained wisdom (and data!) to recognize the most common issues development teams face in their quest for sales success. And, we know how an outsourced sales partner can help.

The Four Obstacles: Resistance to Change

The top sales cycle obstacles all come back to one issue: resistance to change. Though their root is the same, each obstacle has a different face.

  1. Lack of trust: Studies show only 3% of buyers trust their sales contact. With this stat in mind, it’s no wonder your sales lead is skeptical of your email or call.
  2. Denial of need or pain: One way businesses or individuals cope with their mediocre performance is to deny they’re in trouble. It’s as if they live in the “this is fine” meme, pretending their daily frustrations aren’t there.
  3. Inability to define need: If a potential client knows they’re in need, they still may not be able to identify what they need. This can prohibit them from seeking a solution as they’re not sure what to look for to make things better.
  4. Skepticism a solution exists: Whether it’s past buyer’s remorse or repeated bad experiences, many prospects believe there’s no solution out there. Let down time and again, they’ve stopped looking for something they now think is nonexistent.

Overcoming Resistance: Training, Mentorship, and the Art of Discovery

These dug-in beliefs can seem like impossible barriers when talking to a potential client. Trust us – you can overcome these obstacles with some of the services offered by an outsourced sales partner like NuGrowth.

Training and mentorship from seasoned experts can help your development team learn tested tactics to create trust, change negative perceptions, and get to the heart of a prospect’s needs.

Sales coaching puts training into action, helping your team face their fears and turn emphatic “nos” into enthusiastic “yeses.”

The art of discovery is an essential skill an outsourced development partner can teach. Realistically, almost half of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell. Cut time wasted and rid your team of unnecessary frustrations through a series of questions to help discover what a prospect truly needs and target in on if, and how, you can help.


Build a Better Team for the Long Haul with NuGrowth

We know these sales obstacles, and how to overcome them, from our years of experience and success in sales strategy. NuGrowth’s development strategy support, CRM management, and world-class, custom development tools like the NuGrowth Accelerator app for Salesforce®, make it your all-in-one sales development solution.

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