3 Benefits of Marketing Automation Integration

by | May 6, 2015 | CRM Management, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Integration


How connecting CRM with Marketing Automation Drives your pipeline


It is a fantastic time to be in sales and marketing. Creative, hard-working professionals have access to new tools to find the right buyers, and new options to connect with them. More than ever, technology allows brands to have meaningful conversations with people in need of their services.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Automation software are two of the most important tools available. Equipping a talented sales and marketing team with these two tools is a great start in creating an effective, agile marketing organization. When these two tools work together, your team can reach prospects at every stage of the sales pipeline to increase pipeline velocity and scale your business faster.

I’m confused. How do CRM and Marketing Automation software work together?

CRM hosts your database of leads, and organizes information to give sales professionals access to relevant information on a lead-by-lead basis.

Marketing Automation delivers your marketing messages to specific people within your database, and returns insights about their response to the message.

Together, they provide up-to-the-minute information about which leads are loving your content.

With CRM/Marketing Automation integration, Marketing helps Sales make contact. Traditionally, sales executives were tasked with hunting down new leads and educating them about the uses and benefits of their products and services. Sales teams spent a lot of time interacting with leads who, ultimately, weren’t interested or ready for their offer. In the new digital marketing model, the marketing department’s messaging is strategically crafted to get your ideal customer reading relevant content and learning about your brand. Marketing Automation integration alerts sales executives when prospects are exploring your content, so that sales can spend time calling interested customers, not cold leads.

With CRM/Marketing Automation integration, Sales helps Marketing craft better content. The integrated system makes it easy for sales executives to track which leads are truly qualified and interested in a purchase. The ability to gather and visualize this data enables your marketers to understand the characteristics of leads that eventually become customers, and to discern which campaigns are influencing these leads. This streamlined feedback process helps marketing professionals hone their messages to perfection.

CRM/Marketing Automation integration eliminates irrelevant messaging. A generic, “one size fits all” approach to marketing is a great way to get your messages ignored. If someone is familiar with your brand and your offerings, sending them an email introducing your company is redundant. With integrated CRM and Marketing Automation, leads are broken into segments based on their level of awareness, interest, and interaction with your brand. With this type of segmentation, your messages can be specifically targeted to your potential customer’s needs.

Although an integrated CRM/Marketing Automation system can be instrumental in your organization’s growth, implementing the system can be difficult. Time, commitment, and expertise are needed to take advantage of this technology. Building, maintaining, and feeding the system can be a heavy burden for a growing organization.

Fortunately, there are options.

Forward thinking organizations that want to move quickly, and appreciate the value of working side-by-side with and learning from experts, will benefit from NuGrowth Solutions’ sales and marketing as a service model. Contact the NuGrowth team at 800-966-3051 or fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.


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Author: Chuck Rue

Chuck Rue is the Manager of Marketing Automation. He has developed extensive skills in CRM management, marketing automation, and website development that allow him to coordinate how these essential tools work together for clients and get actionable data to sales reps as quickly as possible.